Sunday, August 29, 2004

Changing tastes

Since I've been haunting the BBs I've noticed a definate upswing in the cost of my stitching. I've always stitched Mirabilias, TWs etc, but just recently I've discovered the joys of Chatelaine (Alhambra is coming along nicely, thank you) and am desperate to get Taj Mahal. It's not the cost of the charts that is stopping me, it's the materials. Yes, I know there are DMC conversions out there but that's just not the same :o( Today I saw a WIP of Leon Conrads Medieval Majesty, and when I looked at the chart I fell in love with that too - but oh, the price! Just for the chart!! I'd better start dropping hints for Christmas ;o) I've also noticed that my tastes have outgrown the needlework shops here in the UK, they just don't stock these type of charts, don't sell hand dyed fabrics... you get the idea. Not to mention the fact that I'm starting to begrudge paying UK prices. Even after postage I can pay about half the price if I send to the US - crazy isn't it?

I wonder what percentage of charts bought are actually stitched? And how many just languish in someone's stash for years? I just bought a chart off Ebay, and when it arrived it was in very good condition but obviously quite old, as Mirabilia used to package their charts in a plain grey sleeve but changed it a number of years ago. This one had clearly been sitting around for years and it made me wonder.. I know there are a few charts I've had for years and never got round to stitching, and considering how many I buy I seriously doubt if I'll ever stitch them all. When you consider how many of us stitchers have far more stash than we like to admit, there must be thousands upon thousands of charts destined to moulder at the bottom of stash mountains....


Faith Ann said...

I know what you mean. My stash has taken a huge growth spurt and seems to cost far more since visiting BBs and ONSs. Hmmm, I wonder what the most expensive project I've ever kitted up is?

I live in Canada and I expect the prices here are a bit better than the UK for some things, but it's still a lot cheaper for me to order my supplies from the US (or wait and buy it when I'm in the states).

Butterfly Amy said...

HAHA! This is so true! I won't even tell you how many charts I have in my stash that I know I will never get to, then of course the ones I really do want to stitch, but will probably never have time!

I added you to my Blogs to read list, hope you don't mind? Please feel free to visit my Blog anytime :)
Happy Stitching!

Cat said...

Oh Gill! That is so so true. We are all professional enablers I think! ;)