Friday, August 13, 2004

internet communities

I had a restless night last night, just couldn't get to sleep. Eventually I gave up, went downstairs and got some serious stitching done on my Emerald Mermaid, then loaded her into my webshots so I could show everyone my progress. And that got me thinking. Isn't the internet a curious place? I'm a relative newcomer to it all, it's only a few months since I started 'surfing', but in that time I have met hundreds of people who share my passion for stitching, I can look at work done by stitchers in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Mexico, or even just other parts of the UK. I've never met these people, never will meet most of them, and yet I do feel part of a real community, and a very nice one at that. Previously I didn't know anyone who liked to stitch the same stuff as me, but now I can show my work to people who appreciate how much effort and skill goes into what I do,because they have been there themselves. If I have a question there is always someone out there to offer advice or encouragement, or help me spend my money LOL! I must say though that my outlay on stash has risen sharply since I joined this internet world. There are plenty of evil enablers out there, and worryingly I have been developing enabling tendencies myself. I used to feel quite isolated in my stitchy hobby. Even people I know who do stitch tend to only do small, cute designs - nothing wrong with that, but I don't feel much in common with them, and they also show little interest in what I do. I am really glad to know you guys!!!


Valerie (grvlgal) said...

We're glad to know you too. :)

Sam said...

Evil Enablers????! Moi????! Surely not! Sam :o)

Faith Ann said...

You have described my feelings on the internet stitching community exactly. It's great to see so much enthusiasm for patterns and fabrics and everything else!