Monday, August 16, 2004

just prevaricating.....

todays entry is pure prevarication. I have an Everest-ian pile of ironing that I have been studiously ignoring all day. Silly really, it has to be done and I'll just end up doing it later tonight when I'm tired, but I hate ironing with a vengeance. Oh well.

Spent this afternoon chopping down the Russian vine in the garden, which I wasn't too thrilled about. I planted it to hide DH's Monster Shed, which it has done admirably. Unfortunately it also provides a haven for wildlife of the eight-legged variety. For those who don't know, DH is massively arachnaphobic, and the shed is being over-run by the not-so-little blighters since the vine took over. I told him I'm going to paint the shed pink, if we're going to have an eye-sore in the garden it might as well be a doozy!

I paid an unscheduled visit to the Country CrossStitcher in Woburn yesterday. I adore that shop, but it is very bad for my finances! It has a long entrance hall which is absolutely plastered with models of gorgeous designs. I have yet to emerge from that shop with only what I went in for! I bought a Sew To Be Seen design called Silent Thoughts, and the materials to stitch it. I wouldn't have looked twice at the chart if the shop hadn't had a model, but it is beautiful 'in the flesh'.

I've decided to start a 'Taj Mahal' fund for when Martina releases the design. I'm loathe to sign up for an online class because I don't know what I might be doing in a few months. We have applied to move to Australia to join my family out there, and if we are accepted we only get 6 months to move, so we would be selling the house, packing and sending stuff (including computers). Perhaps I should wait and see if I enjoy Alhambra Garden before I commit myself to that sort of outlay anyway ;o)

Tomorrow DH is going to York for a couple of days (working), I should be used to it by now but I hate it when he's away. It can't be helped I suppose. Perhaps I should get on with painting that shed while he's away as a nice surprise for when he gets back, LOL

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