Saturday, August 07, 2004

Lucky Me!

I had ANOTHER nice package today -wow, 2 in 2 days! This one was from a nice lady in America. She contacted me to ask where she could get a chart for one of the pieces in my webshots album, so I sent her mine. She sent me gift to say thanks, isn't that nice? My parcel contained a Mill Hill Charmed Santa Faces kit (sooo cute - definately going on my tree this Christmas!)and a pretty little kit of some irises in a vase. I love surprises!

I can't believe how techy I'm getting! Two years ago I wouldn't go near a computer. DH tried really hard to get me into it, I think the breakthrough came when I realised I could order needlework supplies online, then I discovered ebay, then the Mirabilia BB, and so on.... DH found himself fighting me for the PC, so he bought me a laptop!! Now look at me - blogging, I've got my stitching in an online album, my stitchy notebook has turned into a palmtop... still can't programme the video though.

Talking of DH, I think I've started something I shouldn't have. I bought him a remote control car for his birthday - not your run-of-the-mill, buy-it-from-Argos type car, oh no! This is a sooper dooper, carbon fibre, all singing all dancing version for actually racing with. I haven't seen him all week, he's either out in the shed 'tinkering',or ordering bits he 'needs'(in the same way that I 'need' another chart LOL), and he hasn't even started racing it yet. Addictive hobbies, eh?

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