Friday, August 06, 2004

A Nice Package

I got up this morning to find my first Silkweaver Fabric of the Month on my doormat. It's absolutely lovely - Ocean Fantasy linen, which will be perfect for one of my Mirabilia mermaids. I went for the wishlist option to make sure I didn't get any icky ones so it was one of the colours I'd chosen, but it's still kind of a nice surprise since my wishlist was quite long. I went into this FOTM thing blind actually as I'd never ordered from Silkweaver before. I'm very impressed.

The sun is shining! YAAAAY!!! The last couple of days have been awful, torrential rain and thunderstorms. Good old British summertime! A lady I know from the BBs had her house struck by lightening - scary stuff indeed.

Why is so much children's TV horrible these days? I limit how much TV my kids watch, but even so I have to be quite strict. Flicking through the channels this morning (we have SKY so there are quite a few) there were loads of cartoons I just wouldn't be happy letting them see. I'm sure it wasn't like that years ago (going into old codger mode here : in my day you could buy a 3 bedroom house for a shilling...) even when my eldest was little (he's 18 now) there wasn't so much crap. So why are cartoons aimed at children so awful? The worst I have come across is something called Shinchan (sp?) which seems to be based around kids being rude, offensive and insulting. And we wonder why kids get such a bad attitude. (climbs down off soapbox)

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