Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I went to buy some fabric for Alhambra Garden today. It's quite hot and the kids were complaining, asking for drinks so I stopped on the way back to the car and bought them one. Well, I don't know if it had been dropped or what, but when I opened DDs it fizzed right up my arm, all over my carrier bag and dripped onto the contents - Dr Pepper all over my nice new linen! Aaarrgghhh! I've been soaking it all afternoon trying to get the stain out. I think its out now though luckily. Note to self - don't open fizzy drinks around stash purchases!!

I'm feeling really good today. For once in my life my hair looks fantastic, if I do say so myself. It is usually a curly, frizzy mess that never seems to look any different no matter what I do with it. I was talking about it to my hairdresser a few days ago and she straightened it with hot-irons, and it looked great. DH took one look and went 'WOW!' I've tried irons before (the kind you buy in Boots the Chemist)without success but these were just fantabulous so I bought some for(gulp)£100!! I had my first attempt this afternoon, and they work! The answer to my prayers LOL! Goodbye Crystal Tips!

(Oh, for anyone who doesn't know, Crystal Tips was an old British cartoon character with curly, 'triangular' hair)


Faith Ann said...

Oh no! I hope the Dr. Pepper came out completely...or perhaps you've discovered a new way to hand-dye some fabric! Enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies for the Crystal Tips hair, mine's exactly the same if I blow dry, but it takes ages to dry naturally, still it's more tolerable then the 'fluffy' look =)

DracoIratus (from UK Stitchers)