Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Back to school

and the house seems so quiet! For some reason this year the summer break was 7 weeks instead of 6, and seemed to go on forever. Don't get me wrong, I like having my kids around but I also like not having to race around every morning like a blue arsed fly trying to get them organised. My kids are very laid back about getting ready in the mornings and I have to keep on at them continually or they would go to school in their PJs.

My next door neighbour got married on Saturday. I stitched them a wedding sampler (Bent Creek's 'I Do')and she came round this morning to thank me. She was thrilled with it. I don't do many wedding samplers these days, I used to do a lot but two of the recipients later split with their husbands and binned my efforts, which I was really upset about (one of them was my sister!!) I can understand not wanting it on the wall as a reminder but after all the effort that went into creating it I wouldn't have expected them to throw it away! Some people really have no concept of how much work goes into these pieces, I guess in this 'disposable' age people don't value hand crafted items the way they should. For the same reason I rarely stitch cards any more either. I remember I stitched a card once for my sister (again) when she moved into a new house. The card was actually quite a big one and it was lovely, if I do say so myself. When I mentioned it a few months later she told me she had thrown it away with the others, as it was 'only a card'!
She's getting married again in a couple of weeks - needless to say I won't be stitching her anything!!


Mindy said...

Ugh. I've also learned the hard way who gets my stitching and who doesn't. Luckily, my family and close friends really appreciate my work. I've stitched a few items in the past for people who I no longer see and I'm pretty sure my work was trashed. Oh well -- at least I didn't stitch them anything really huge.

Faith Ann said...

They threw them away ?! I can't believe it! I'd be heartbroken. I try to judge who will appreciate a stitched gift based on the comments they make about my stitching...but it doesn't always work.

It's funny how sometimes someone who receives a smaller stitched gift can appreciate it so much more than someone who receives a gift that so many more hours of work was put into.

Lorna said...

I'm also very careful about who I stitch for, I rarely stitch cards except for special people who I know will value it. DHs eldest daughter keeps her xmas card every year and turns it into a tree ornament. I stitched TWs wedding sampler for DHs eldest son and his wife, she cried when she first saw it but it now hangs in their spare room. :-S
BTW my kids would go to school in their PJs too.