Sunday, September 26, 2004

Dynamite sandwiches

Well, yesterday was my sister's wedding. It was a lovely day, the sun shone (by contrast today it's howling down!) Sis looked beautiful, and so did DD, who was a bridesmaid. The reception was at a gorgeous 15th century inn, with a marquee for the evening. It was DH's turn to be 'designated driver', but as some of you know by now, he offered me a bribe to take over the duty. He said that if I would agree to drive, he would buy me.....wait for it...... it's good, this......whatever stash I want!!!! Yes, I know I was on the wagon, but I'm sure you won't judge me too harshly dear reader, if I fell off the wagon good and hard! Who amongst you could resist such an offer? ;o) Today I have worn my clickie finger down to a stub. I decided to kit up a few of the charts I already have rather than buy yet more charts, so today has been a flurry of hand dyed fabric, Kreiniks,beads, Wisper and Waterlilies. I have kitted four charts and bought fabbie for a fifth.

I had a nice surprise today. I knew my friend Sam had sent me a package, I'd forgotten to include a certain chart I want to stitch for DS in an order I made to the US a while back, so Sam offered to get it with her order for me. What I wasn't expecting was the piece of Kiwi Illusions 'Butterfly Dance' she included as a surprise! Wasn't that nice of her? Thanks again Sam!!! :o))))

And the title of today's entry? Yet another little gem from my youngest DS. Picture him pretending to make sandwiches, and then offering them around...."these are ham, and these are cheese, and these are dynamite....."


Faith Ann said...

Believe me, I wouldn't pass up that stash opportunity either! You know, I think technically you could still be considered on the wagon, because this is a "gift" from your hubby. An AWESOME gift!! Enjoy all your new goodies...I'll live vicariously through you.

Cat said...

I will just live vicariously through you as you shop for stash and eat Dynamite sandwiches. Sounds like fun, particularly since I'm doing The Wagon Challenge and trying to lose a little weight. :)

Gill said...

Cathy, if I eat Dynamite sandwiches I might lose a lot more weight than I want to! LOL!