Sunday, September 05, 2004

A new career.....

In hand dyeing fabric? If you click on the title you can see the result!

Probably not going to put Silkweavers out of business just yet, eh? Still, it was a lot of fun and at least I can say it was all my own work. My goodness though, what a mess it makes!!

It's my anniversary tomorrow (5th), I can't believe it's been 12 years already! Where do the years go? DH says when we reach 20 years it would be nice to renew our vows, he's such a romantic :o)


Faith Ann said...

Your fabrics look great! I expect I would be pretty messy at it, that's why I haven't tried dying my own even though I have all of the supplies.

Happy Anniversary!

Cat said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you both had a wonderful day!

Your fabric is truly gorgeous and I definitely think you should go into business. Just make sure and let me know when you do. I already have a couple of pieces picked out! ;)