Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Small or Large?

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week
Do you stitch small projects one at a time that you can finish quickly, have numerous large projects going at once that you rotate,
or both? How does your current system work for you and have you thought about changing it?

I've always preferred big complicated designs. My third ever cross stitch piece was TWs English Cottage Sampler! I've made a few Christmas ornaments but other than that I don't stitch many small designs. Too simplistic and I'm quickly bored. I'm very picky with the designs I choose, they have to be 'well drawn' if you understand what I mean by that. I often see a design that looks slightly 'off' somehow, and it puts me off stitching it. I'll give you an example; - I love a lot of Mirabilia designs, and I've stitched about 16 of them. I really like 'Sleeping Beauty' which hangs in my dining room, and would like to do her companion - Cinderella. BUT. I just can't square that foot up with the rest of her. It doesn't fit to her body. I like the rest of the design, but every time I see it my eye is drawn straight to that foot. Perhaps I'm just to pernickety! ;o)

Generally I'll have 2 or 3 large projects on the go, I try not to start too many although it would be easy to start everything! Willpower definately required! I suppose you could say I have a small screaming rotation, I wish I was more organised with it and allocate so many hours/days each to a piece, but I've always used the screaming method and I guess it works for me - I haven't had many UFOs. Right now I'm doing Passione Ricamo 'Spring Fairy Spirit', Chatelaine 'Alhambra Garden' (aka 'the Jinx') and TWs 'Peacock Tapestry' (which is allegedly part of my rotation but is quite shy and tends to hide behind the sofa.) I'm pressing on with Spring Fairy at the mo because I just received the fabric for Royal Holiday (SW Sparkling Forest for those who want to know :o) )and I'm aching to start it but I won't let myself until SF is finished.

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