Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Well, duh!

Kids can make you feel stupid sometimes, can't they? My youngest, who's 6, was watching Captain Scarlet. I made the comment that it's all very well being indestructable but getting shot/bitten by a shark/falling off a building has still gotta hurt. DS gave me the most withering look imaginable, and said "of course it doesn't, he's a puppet!!" Well, that told me! LOL

I'm feeling quite frustrated today. I've been trying to sort the floss in a new kit, but there is no thread list to help. About a third of it was pre-sorted onto a card, but the rest is in two large unidentified hanks. I'm going to be spending this afternoon trying to match it all with my DMCs.

I'm starting to wonder if my SMF Waterloo Sunset has got lost in the post. I can't remember if I mentioned before, but I won it on the SMF BB 'Sugar Suggestion Suite'. I had an email about 2 weeks ago saying it was on it's way, but I haven't had it yet. Usually it takes about a week. *sigh*

I can resist anything but temptation! LOL! I've decided, after seeing some gorgeous WIPs, to make a start on my one and only Passione Ricamo pattern - Spring Fairy. I just knew I'd fall prey to rotationitis if I hung around long enough!


Faith Ann said...

Floss for kits is so annoying...I just went through that with my stocking kit. Good luck!

I hope your fabric arrives soon...Waterloo Sunset looks like such a pretty colour.

Mindy said...

Good luck with that kit! I've decided not to buy kits anymore unless it's something I absolutely love and is only available in a kit. I hate it when they give you colors like

very light midnight blue
very light blue
light violet

and you're supposed to figure out what the difference is between the three. Ack!

The Passione Ricamo fairies are beautiful. Have you seen the new fall fairy? I haven't bought any of these yet but plan on it someday when my finances are a bit better off.