Saturday, October 02, 2004

New Stash! Yippeeeeeeeeeee

I haven't got a whole lot of stitching done in the last few days as I've had my parents staying over, visiting from Australia. It's been really nice as I hadn't seen them for nearly a year. The only trouble is DS hasn't wanted to go to school while they're here, and he's come up with every excuse under the sun. You can imagine me ringing the school to say he wasn't coming in because his toy lizard was ill, can't you? LOL! Mum & Dad are going down to my sisters tomorrow for a few days before coming back here.

I have had a lot of new stash however!! I've had a lot of the stuff I ordered last week - I kitted up Mirabilia Rose Celebration, My Lady's Garden and Scent of Old Roses, I've bought Fairy Idyll and Rose Arbour, I've kitted Black Swan 'Dragon Heart', but I'm still waiting for fabbie from Silkweaver and Debbie from Countrystitch is doing some floss tosses for me this weekend to make some suggestions because I'm hopeless at choosing fabrics, they never look like they do on the Fabric and Pattern selector. Now I'm fighting the urge to start Fairy Idyll, or 'Stuffed Rabbit' as my friend Sam calls it (LOL), typical! Why do I always get the urge to start the one I don't have kitted? I'm just awkward I suppose! ;o)

I've been taking stock of how many projects I've actually finished this year. I was quite surprised as I don't feel I've been stitching so much since I discovered the BBs, but here's my list:-

Mirabilia's Autumn Queen, Middy, Fairy Moon and Emerald Mermaid
L&L's Celtic Autumn (conversion)
Indigo Rose Desiderata
Heritage Stitchcraft Map of Wales
Classic Embroidery Map of Wales ( I'm married to a Welshman in case you're wondering)
WOXS Medieval Lady & Victorian Lady
Bent Creek 'I Do' and 'One Bird Having Some Friends Over'
Just Nan 'Joy' & 'Felicity' angels
half a dozen ornaments and a few other bits and pieces, I also have 3 large WIPs - Peacock Tapestry, Alhambra Garden and PR Spring Fairy, so I suppose I must be doing some stitching after all, unless the stitching fairies are sneaking in while I'm asleep! I don't think I'll list all the stash I've bought this year though, I'll keep that to myself! ;o)

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Gina said...

Wow! Thats a lot of finishes!!