Monday, October 25, 2004

This 'n' That

I really should try to stay off the 'pooter a bit more. I've been suffering for a few weeks with a painful trapped nerve at the base of my neck and sitting bent over my laptop just aggravates it. The last couple of days have been quiet on the boards so it's been easier to stick to my resolve but I can't stay off altogether - I find myself missing everyone!

This is going to be a looong week. DH is off to Japan for a few days so when the kids go to bed I'll be all on my lonesome. You would think I'd be used to him going away by now but I still hate it. Which is a good thing in a way I suppose. I have a friend who's husband is in the same line of work as mine and she's relieved when he's gone - I think that's really sad.

On the stitching front, Royal Holiday is coming along nicely. She has a head now so I'll have to stop calling her 'Anne Boleyn'. This design is simply gorgeous IRL but I HATE stitching with Wisper thread, it's like stitching with cotton wool. Another design I have, 'Fairy Idyll', uses brown Wisper, which I imagine must be a bit like stitching with old socks - Ugh! I'll look forward to that then.....


Amy said...

I've noticed a decrease in the board traffic as well. It's let me get a little work done, although it's nearly impossible with a newborn in the house anyway! I know how you feel about missing DH when he's away - I hate it too. But we'll be here for you when you get lonely!

Gina said...

Maybe all the peace and quiet will allow some terrific progress in your stitching? Good luck - my DH is away every week from Mon - Fris but I eventually got used to it - and it is nice to have the bed to yourself ;-)