Thursday, October 28, 2004


I'm feeling worried today. DH is in Japan and I haven't heard from him since he got there, which is unusual because he usually rings to tell me he's arrived and to give me the phone number for his hotel. His mobile is out of action because it doesn't work in Japan, and I've been watching the news about the earthquakes over there. I know he's probably fine and probably nowhere near the quake zone but I can't help worrying until I hear from him. It's probably just a case of communications being a bit haywire at the moment. I'd feel a lot better though if I knew for certain everything was OK. I tried ringing his work but they have no contact at the moment either. Any good thoughts would be appreciated!

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Faith Ann said...

I hope you hear from him soon Gill!

I understand your worries perfectly. My DH has to travel for work at times and I am always stressed until he calls home.

I'm sure it's just difficult for your husband to get through. When I lived in Seattle we had a 6.8 earthquake and the phone lines were screwed up for some time because everybody was trying to contact people and it maxed the system.