Sunday, November 21, 2004

Coming Clean

Who am I trying to kid? I've decided that I'm giving up any pretence to being on the stash wagon. I'm just a sucker for nice stash. Guess what? I've just been ordering charts again! I've ordered 'God Speed' which is taken from a painting by Edmund Blair-Leighton (there's a link in the title) and Burton's 'Meeting on the Turret Stairs'. These are both Big Ass Projects that are going to take a lot of time to why am I also considering 'The Accolade' 'Stitching the Standard' and 'I Am Half Sick of Shadows'? Because I'm a STASHINITE! Say it loud...say it proud! LOL


Anonymous said...


I'm glad to see that I have enabled you so well in reaching SABLE...Personally, I want Stitching the Standard 2... *big evil grin*

Mellissa (who actually did a clean sweep on her patterns last month - room for more now!)

Sam said...

Hee hee... its all downhill from here ;o))) I was pushed off the wagon (was it you????!) & its going so fast downhill I can't catch it up now.

Faith Ann said...

You ordered some beautiful charts, Gill, enjoy them! I love getting new charts in the's such a nice feeling to see that package arrive.

I want to order something too!