Wednesday, November 03, 2004

LOL! I am trying hard not to succumb to the siren call of new projects. A while back I bought the chart of 'Night Train' to stitch for DS as he's mad about trains, and of course then DD wanted me to stitch 'something with dragons' for her, so I promised her 'Above the Clouds'. Now both of them are mithering me to stitch the promised designs, as if it's not hard enough resisting a new start anyway! Hmmm...I really really really must finish at least one WIP first. I don't want loads of WIPs or half of them will just end up as UFOs.

I had a lovely package of new stash in the post today, and before you start shaking your head at how weak-willed I am ;o) this doesn't count. I've been doing some trades, this one was with a nice American lady who was looking for some UK magazines that I happened to have. It was a package of lovely fibres - Petite Treasure Braids and an assortment of overdyeds. These are all very pricey in the UK so it's a real treat to get a surprise selection of them :o)))

DH arrived back from Japan yesterday afternoon :o))) Lucky thing, because Honda were paying for the flight they went First Class. It's nice having him home. Hopefully he won't be away again for a while.

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Faith Ann said...

Ohhh, how dream is to fly first class some day!

Good luck not giving in to a new start (I know how hard this is) have lots of lovely things on the go now. As soon as you finish one, the new stuff will be ready and waiting :)