Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Stitching Blogger's QOTW - Hand-dyed fabrics - love 'em or hate 'em? If you love them, what kind/colours do you have?

I'm a relative newcomer to hand dyeds, and I have to say I love 'em, but I wouldn't use them for everything. Some designs have little or no fabric showing so it would be a waste, and others would be overwhelmed, especially by some of the 'busier' hand dyeds. For Miras and suchlike though they can look simply gorgeous! I have mostly evenweave and a few linen, both 32 and 28 count. I have Silkweaver, Kiwi Illusions and SMF, lots of blues, greens and purples. So far I've only had 2 opalescents - SW Sparkling Forest for Royal Holiday and a small piece of KI Wisteria Sparkles. I actually won a piece of SMF for coming up with a new name - Waterloo Sunset. It was a complete fluke - I put that name down because I had the song running through my head that day, and I had no idea SMF are based at a place called Waterloo! I've also dyed a few myself with varying levels of success - some have been great but I've had a couple of duds too. ;o)

I've been a bit naughty. I accidentally made a start on Meeting on the Turret Stairs. I was only going to try out the man's face to see how it looks, honest - and then I just kept going. (There's a link in the title if you're not familiar with it). I love this painting, it's a scene from a Danish poem called Hildebrand and Hellelil. Very romantic and tragic, I'm so soppy sometimes! LOL


Sam said...

Lol!!! Accidentally started???!!! I don't know. I think you must really have the stitching disease bad. And I don't think there's a cure... just as well really or you wouldn't get as much stitching done!

Faith Ann said...

Excuse me, please? You "accidentally" started something? Let's think about order to start something accidentally there are several accidents that needed to happen in succession:
- accidentally get out the chart
- accidentally get out the floss
- accidentally get out a needle
- accidentally find the starting point on the fabric
- accidentally ... you get the picture!

For all of these things to happen, I'd say it's about a billion to one shot. It's really quite phenomenal that this accident occurred. I'd go buy a lotto ticket if I were must be your lucky day! (It's a very pretty chart, by the way.)