Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Too Old To Play With Girls

I'm sure I've mentioned before what a tomboy DD is. She has no female friends at all, and hangs out with a nice group of boys that refer to themselves as 'The Gang'. She's been hanging out with these guys for about 3 years now, since she was 7. Just recently though, a couple of these boys' mothers, and one in particular, have been making noises along the lines that they are too old to play with girls. Excuse me??!! Too old to play with girls?? I didn't realise there was an upper age limit. Quick, someone tell Mick Jagger!! At what point exactly does one stop being too old to play with girls?

Actually, this has really annoyed me. This woman wants DD out of the gang. She would leave a little girl friendless because it doesn't fit in with her stereotype of who her son should be friends with! It's not as if her boy is doing 'girly' things either, DD is quite happy to join in with all their 'boys' games. To add insult to injury, this particular boy only joined the school, and 'the gang' about six months ago. If she doesn't like it, perhaps she should encourage him to find a new set of friends instead of trying to isolate DD who is a longstanding member of the group. At least DD's best friend has a mother with rather more sense.


Mindy said...

That stinks! There are many girls who just get along better with boys. Girls can be so petty and horrible to each other, and we all know it's not limited to girls under the age or 20 :) I had lots of friends of each gender and in high school I played sports with the guys in the neighborhood. It didn't mean anything was going on that shouldn't, if you know what I mean, and maybe that's what she's getting at.

Faith Ann said...

I can't believe how mean that woman is! What kind of remark is that, anyway? What on earth is going through her mind? I see nothing wrong with boys and girls playing together...that is ridiculous for her to try and remove your DD from a group that she was part of long before her son came into the picture.