Thursday, December 16, 2004

Itchy fingers

I've been neglecting my poor old blog a bit just recently. I've just been too busy what with one thing and another. You know what it's like in the run up to Christmas, especially when you have children. I've been on at DD to write a Christmas list, and she finally produced one last night. A bit flipping late, Santa has already done his shopping! LOL! At least we managed to get a couple of things on her list.

Little prezzies are starting to appear under the tree! Very, very tempting....I'm generally very good with presents and don't peek (although Mum always accused me of it) but I'm finding it hard this year. I think it's because I know there's stitchy stuff under there. I don't often get stitchy stuff as gifts but I have some intriguing little packages from stitchy friends this year - some from my Secret Santa and one from my friend Sam. My fingers are itching....LOL! I won't peek, I promise!


Anonymous said...

As my hubby keeps saying to me 'I'll slap your hands if you touch any of those Christmas gifts under the tree' lol. It's even worse for me because I've got my birthday gifts there too and I can't open them until Saturday :-O

Enjoyed reading your blog and I've added you to my favourites. Will add you to my blog list as soon as hubby shows me how!

Karen F

Sam said...

Lol! No peeking now.... after all its only 9 days to go!!! :o)

Faith Ann said... peeking!

It's not much longer until Christmas now...and for you it all starts a few hours earlier than for me. That doesn't seem fair, somehow.