Thursday, December 30, 2004

So that's Christmas over for another year. We have done some mileage I can tell you, visiting family. All on DH's side, because nearly all of mine live in Australia. Christmas day itself was fairly quiet. The kids woke us around 8am - I'm so lucky, my kids don't wake up at the crack of dawn for anything....they take after their Mum. (I'm still not convinced that 3am actually exists! LOL!) My brother's girls woke them at 3.30 am apparently! Personally I'd have sent them back to bed for a few hours.

I haven't done much stitching though, I sat down and did a couple of hours last night but it's the first time in about a week. I've put down Meeting On The Turret Stairs for a while and gone back to Royal Holiday, but only for a few days as I'm doing a SAL with my friend Sam at New Year. I'll be stitching Dracolair Noon Basking and she's doing Midnight Hunting (I think). No more new starts after that until I get my WIPs down. I feel like it's ages since I had a finish (it's not that long, it just feels like it) so I've decided no more than 2 - 3 WIPs at a time in the future!

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


Amy said...

I'm with you - those kids would be going back to bed for a few hours! I told mine if they woke up and the sun wasn't up yet, then they better go back to sleep!

I would love to join you and Sam on the SAL. I could do Dawn Awakening. I have these dragons, but have not started one yet. This would be the perfect opportunity!

Anonymous said...
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Gill said...

Hi Amy, sure you can join our SAL! I saw on Sam's blog that you'll be stitching Dawn Awakening - that's great, we'll have all three going at once :oD Sam & I usually keep in touch via email...I won't post my email addy here but if you click on my username on the Mira BB you'll find it (GDA63 on the Mira board)