Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Well, I've just got time for a blog entry before I hit the sack. We have a very early start tomorrow because we're off to Wales to visit my MIL. DH wants to make it a day trip for some unfathomable reason so it's 3 - 4 hours each way depending on traffic. Ugh. We haven't been up for a visit in ages though, and my step-kids will be there for the day too.

It's a good thing I decided to bid farewell to the wagon because I would have fallen off with a thud today. :oD I reserved an International Needlework Dyers Collaboration Pack, which I'm really pleased about, and I also won an auction on Ebay for 30 skeins of Dragon Floss :o)))) Well, Mum sent me money to buy myself a prezzie and it was a toss-up between clothes and stash. Predictably, stash won and so as I descend gracefully towards baglady-dom at least I'll have lots of nice stash in my bags! ;oP

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Faith Ann said...

I'd pick stash over clothes too! It's not that I don't like new clothes, but it seems I can't wear nice things with DS at his age...so why bother?