Sunday, January 02, 2005

Another year over. The kids wanted to stay up till midnight to see the New Year in. DD managed it but DS crashed on the sofa around 10ish. I'm not surprised though, since he was up half the previous night throwing up. Two nights running I was up with each of the children in succession. Must be some kind of bug but each of them was better the following morning, leaving me zombified and them full of energy as usual!

I've made a start on my Dracolair dragon, I hadn't realised how many blends there were in these designs! I'm stitching him on a fabric I dyed myself. So much for getting my WIP pile down! In the last week I've made 2 new starts!


Lorna said...

DD#3 spent last night throwing up too. Both boys had the bug after christmas. Definetly something going around I'd say.

Happy New Year BTW!

Faith Ann said...

Happy New Year Gill! I hope you have many happy dances in 2005!

I hope everyone is healthy so you can get some sleep tonight.