Monday, January 17, 2005

Both DH & I could stand to lose a few pounds, so as part of our campaign to be a bit more active we took the dog to the woods this afternoon and spent a few hours there. I'm obviously very unfit because I ache a bit now but I'm sure it's doing me good. scrambling up and down muddy ditches all afternoon might not sound much fun but we really enjoyed it. We went last weekend too, but today we could see the bluebells starting to poke through, no flowers yet obviously, but a sign of things to come. The kids had a good time too, looking for squirrels and rabbits. They didn't stand a chance because they were far too noisy but they had fun looking and we did find a few rabbit holes.

Very reluctantly I've put Shazza down and have returned to Royal Holiday. I really don't want RH to become a UFO, although I've never stitched a Mira that I've found such a chore to stitch as this one. Not sure why though because it's a beautiful design.

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