Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mea Culpa!

I'm afraid I've been a total stash bandit this month. Even I can't believe how much stuff I've ordered, but I must admit it's exciting waiting for it all to arrive! I have ordered:-

SMF Lilac Blooms (custom cut)
SMF Winter Meadow FQ
SMF Peach Berry Cobbler 13 x 18
Mirabilia Petal Fairy
SL Sterling Silver
SL Lavender Lilacs
JD Bug Collector
JD Take Time To Quilt (Autumn)
Ursula Michael 'I'd Rather Be By The Sea'
SW Ametrine FQ
SW Hint of Heather 13 x 18
and an International Needlework Dyer's Assoc. Collaboration Pack!!!
I think that's'd better be all or DH will throttle me! LOL Does Guilt Free January apply to stash too? ;op

I miss DH at the moment. I could have done with him here yesterday when I had a bad migraine, and the poor kids ended up with just pizza for dinner because that's all I was up to making for them. They didn't mind of course! I was up and down all day, I'd dose myself up with Migraleve and then I'd feel OK for a while and then it'd start to wear off and I'd be prostrate on the sofa until I could take some more. I was silly enough to eat a pack of chocolate mini eggs on Sunday night and too much chocolate always triggers a migraine attack - I really should know better by now :o(. But sometimes I need chocolate...KWIM?


Valerie (grvlgal) said...

I know *exactly* what you mean about needing chocolate. Sorry it has such a bad side effect for you. :( Hopefully fondling all that stash will help your head feel better (along with the meds, of course).

Yany said...

Ah, Gil, your stash list looks great!! I'm so jealous!! I'm sure Ametrine is gonna be gorgeous. Hope you feel better now...
Hugs from Mexico

KarenV said...

Wow, that's some stash haul! ;) Hope you're feeling better today, Gill.

Carol said...

Hi Gill - I came across your blog while surfing - nice to meet you!!!! You made me smile as you chatted about your stash purchases! You reminded me so much of myself!!!! It seems I post in my blog just about every day of some new stash purchase, so please don't feel too guilty, cuz I don't want to feel guilty either :-) It's our drug, and I guess we really need our drug!! I see you are ordering Chatelaine's Misty Morning Vineyard - wow, that is a nice one!!! Will bookmark your log and watch it, as I enjoyed this site very much!

Carol in Auburn, NH, USA

Gill said...

Why, thank you Carole - nice to meet you too! :o) Don't worry, I don't feel remotely guilty about buying stash! LOL!