Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My friends, I believe the time has come to attempt to curb my spending on stash. Easy to say, I know, after a major splurge. This is not, you understand, because I feel money should not be spent on stash, nor because I think I have enough already (although I do ;op). No. I have simply come to the realisation that if I don't try to save some money I will never be able to do some of the beautiful Chatelaines I have my eye on. Misty Morning Vineyard...Convent's Herbal Garden...Taj Mahal....I want them, but haven't the money just now. Sigh. I know there are DMC conversions but somehow that just isn't the same. I'll be getting back to Alhambra as soon as I finish Royal Holiday (or perhaps sooner, I'm finding RH a chore) and it has whetted my appetite for Martina's designs. They are insidious y'know. They're like drugs,They inveigle you in (good word that, isn't it?) with 'soft' designs like Alhambra in DMC with just a few silkies , but soon you're hankering after the 'harder' stuff full of silks and crystals. DH is usually pretty indulgent about my addiction but the cost of some of these kits would make him choke, especially as he isn't too keen on them, prefering 'pictures' like Mirabilias. And so, there you have it. I must start saving my pennies to feed my addiction, or perish in the attempt. LOL


Faith Ann said...

WOW! You have ordered some great stuff this month! That should help ease the pain of the spending "freeze" while you save for the Chatelaines.

Good luck! I know you need lots of luck when it comes to cutting back on stash spending :)

Faith Ann said...

Forgot to add, I hope your migraine is gone today.

Gina said...

Welcome to the Chatelaine addiction!!!!!