Thursday, February 10, 2005

Royal Holiday

I put the last few beads in just before lunch. I'm so happy to have finished her! The link's in the title as day I'll figure out how to post pictures directly onto my blog.

My HD is a bit dampened though by the news that DH has to go back to Spain today unexpectedly :o( Someone had to come home and DH has to go out to replace him and I'm soooo P'd off....why does it have to be him again ? It's only for a couple of days but that's not the point - he as away a fortnight, back for 4 days and now they're sending him again!!!!!


Yany said...

Congratulations Gill, your RH is gorgeous!!!
Hugs from Mexico

Little Grey Cat said...

Oh wow Gill! She is absolutely gorgeous! All that detail - but she was certainly worth it.

Sorry to hear that your DH has to go away again. It doesn't seem fair at all.

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Your Royal Holiday is phenomenally beautiful! Great fabric choice. Congratulations!

Sorry your DH has to travel again so soon after getting home. :(

Sam said...

Woo-hoo! She's gorgeous!!! Well done Gill - you really deserve this HD. Poor Pete, I hope he doesn't have to go away for a while after this. :o)

Amy said...

She's absolutely beautiful Gill! That sux about DH. I'd be PO'd too. At least we get to get out the draggies again this weekend :)

Carol said...

Hi Gill - I will teach you how to put pictures into your blog :-) Go to and set up a free account. Upload your picture to that account. The select and copy the image code that comes up for your picture and paste it into your blog entry - and Voila! Your pics will be in your blog - enjoy!!
I couldn't access Royal Holiday, but will try again - I love Mirabilia more than life itself, so dying to see yours!

Carol in NH, USA

Carol said...

Oh, I was able to get in to see your Royal Holiday today - GORGEOUS is not a strong enough word! What is that amazing fabric? I want some! Wow, you sure have stitched a lot of Mirabilias! Good show!! I am entirely impressed!

Carol in NH, USA

Gill said...

Thanks Carol, I'll give that a go next time I want to put a picture up! And thanks everyone for the comments on RH - the fabric is Silkweaver Sparkling Forest. :oD