Saturday, February 26, 2005

Well, the passports have gone off to have our visas put in, they should be in my hot sticky little hands by the end of next week! :oD We're going to have to book flights in the next few days to make sure we can get one, especially with Easter holidays looming. I'm so looking forward to seeing Mum & Dad in the next few weeks! It's the bit after we get back I'm not looking forward to. The house needs some jobs doing before we can put it on the market, and then we have to sell it, though the Estate Agent that valued it says we shouldn't have any problem selling it. The street where I live is ex-US Airforce houses, so they're big compared to many British homes, but quite boxy and functional. What this adds up to is you get a lot of house for your money and round here that's a big selling point.

I'm suffering for my art today! I sliced my thumb open on a dog food can and now it's sore when I stitch :o( It doesn't stop me, I just sit there going Ow, ow, ow LOL! Still working on MMV, I think I'm becoming addicted to silk! Talking of which, I got a new chart today from a BBer that was selling some stash...Drawn Thread's 'Marriage of Minds' and the Vicki Clayton silks to stitch it with. (Homer Simpson voice) mmmm....siiilks....DH bought me a locket a year or two back with the same sonnet engraved on the back, so I thought it would be a nice thing to stitch!

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