Sunday, March 06, 2005

The passports are back with the visas in them, the tickets are booked for March 31st and now there's nothing for me to do except sit and twiddle my thumbs till the end of the month. I still can't believe it's happening after all these years, DH keeps laughing at me because I keep checking the sticker in my passport - he says at this rate when we go through immigration all that will be left of my passport will be a tattered rag because it's been handled so much! LOL! We had some difficulty booking tickets for when we want to go. We have to time our visit around when DH can get the time off work, and unfortunately that's the tail end of the Easter holidays, which is of course a busy time. We finally managed to get flights with Gulf Air but it means two stops on the way, which obviously drags the travelling time out a bit. We could have got tickets with a couple of other airlines but they would have added up to about £500 more (about US$1000) which just isn't worth it to make the journey a couple of hours shorter. DH flew Gulf Air when he worked the Bahrain Grand Prix last year, and he says they're OK. Apparently they are the only airline to have a service they call Sky Nanny, who's job is to help keep the kids amused en route etc. The kids are getting excited about the trip now, DS has never flown before (though I suspect he's more excited about the free backpack of goodies the airline give out LOL), DD has been to Australia before but she was 2 at the time and doesn't really remember (though she swears she does.)

I've been fighting the urge to start something new, so I decided to do something small to satisfy the craving ;o) and on Friday I made a start on Jeannette Douglas 'Bug Collector'. I'm now 3/4 of the way through it and it's stitching up fast so I'll have a little HD either today or tomorrow. I could finish it today if I had lots o time to sit and stitch but unfortunately life gets in the way. I will get some time but whether or not it's enough remains to be seen! I'll put a pic here when it's finished :o)

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