Monday, March 07, 2005

What I Did at the Weekend

I felt like a new start so I thought I'd do something small instead of adding another big WIP to the pile. This is what I did - it took me 3 days.

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Faith Ann said...

What a cute finish!

I tried to comment a couple of different times on earlier entries and blogger wouldn't let me...grrrr.

I know what you mean about collecting so much stuff over the years. It's so hard to decide what to keep and what it's safe to get rid of. I'm trying really hard to throw some stuff out now before we move.

It sounds like we both want the month of March to pass very quickly!!

Little Grey Cat said...

That is a lovely finish. So bright and colourful! And in just 3 days too - well done!

Sam said...

Its gorgeous Gill! There's nothing like a finish to spur you on with your stitching, is there. :o)

Yany said...

Is so cute Gill, congratulations, love the colors :o)

Amy said...

Like I said way back when on the un-hacked Mira board - it's a wonderful finish! Where ya been lately?

Kathy said...

Awwww that is really cute. Well done

Hugs xxxxx