Saturday, August 27, 2005

Applying the Brakes...

I've decided I'm going to become a Stash Only Stitcher. Kind of. After inventorying my stash this afternoon, and realising I have 100+ charts and kits which are mostly large projects, I figure if I don't slow down somewhat most of these designs will never see a needle, and I want to stitch them all sometime this lifetime - I really do. I will make an exception for any fabulous new Mirabilias (like the new mermaid one) and I will buy floss/beads etc for charts I already own. I'm going to try to use fabric I already have where possible, although I don't have a vast collection of fabric so I will allow myself to buy some if I don't have anything suitable for a particular design. I'm also going to start with designs that are already kitted up though so it should be while before I have to buy anything other than DMC as I run out. So, basically I'm just stopping myself from adding to my weighty boxes of charts. It shouldn't be too much of an ordeal as goodness knows I have so much to choose from already, in fact sometimes I feel a little bit overwhelmed by it all. I know some people have a lot more than me, but it's still a lot. Now I've told you all it's official, so wish me luck guys!


Scully said...

aha have it in print now! I too have a load of stash but I am sure I'll get around to finishing it all someday! I love your CGF Wip, it looks wonderful. I also love your clock, it is a stunning piece which I am sure will prove to be a fabulous heirloom.

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Good luck, Gill!

I keep trying to make that kind of committment but then the designers keep coming out with more and more wonderful patterns. *sigh*

It's an addiction, but at least it's a productive one.