Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's been a busy day in a funny kind of way. We had the carpet fitters here this morning laying new carpet in the hall, stairs and landing. It sticks in my throat a bit that we've put up with crummy carpets for 6 years only to replace it when it's time to sell, but I have to say it looks terrific. I wanted to rip the old stuff up last night, but DH insisted there would be plenty of time this morning, so of course we were still pulling it up when they arrived...when will he learn that I'm always right? ;op

No sooner had we waved them off grandfather clock arrived at last!!! I must tell you, I have wanted one of these since I was about 6, but I wanted the real McCoy not one of the cheapo, battery powered versions you see a lot of. This baby is 7 feet tall, solid oak, Hermle movement (on the offchance you happen to know about clocks ;op) and I love it to pieces! In fact, I'll show you, hang on a mo while I take a you go...
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I should have had it last week but the one I ordered got damaged in transit so they had to take it away and bring me another.

My Cottage Garden Fairy is progressing nicely, although I haven't had as much stitching time as I would like as it's school holidays. Here's my latest progress pic -
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Gina said...

Oh I envy you your clock! I've always wanted one since I was a small child and loved my great-grandfather's grandfather clock!

Yany said...

Gill, nice to read you again :D
I love your Cottage Garden wip, is lovely, as usual ;)

Hugs from Mexico