Thursday, September 01, 2005

My sister has just been up for a visit with her new baby. He is the sweetest little chap you can imagine and I had big auntie cuddles all afternoon, although I have to admit it's nice when someone else has to change the dirty nappies LOL! So far he has been an easy baby which seems to be a pattern because my younger two were extremely easy babies too. I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to sis as a mum though - I kept referring to her as 'Auntie Nessa' instead of 'Mummy'!

Work on the house is progressing nicely and it's starting to look really good. I'll be almost sorry to sell the place. I've been in this house longer than I've ever lived anywhere (6 years) and I'm kind of attached to it now, even though it drives me mad with it's cruddy kitchen and the fact that nothing in the house is straight, not to mention the noisy neighbours out the back and the fact we're overlooked on all sides. It's a little unsettling actually. Because I've moved so often I tend not to get attached to houses, and if asked a few months ago if I was attached to this one I would have said no. Next time we buy a house though, I want one that doesn't need any work doing on it because I'm more than a bit fed up with Pete's half-finished DIY projects. He won't pay someone to do stuff he can do himself but unfortunately he never seems to have the motivation to finish the job. He starts readily enough but once it reaches the 'useable' stage he loses interest. I think a 'new build' is in order!

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