Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs and trying not to touch anything....we have the first viewing of our house at 11.30 this morning and the place is spotless. Yesterday was a mad panic with DH trying to finish all the little jobs he's been putting off and I was cleaning like there was no tomorrow. At the risk of sounding smug, I did actually tell DH to get off his butt and do them last week but he thought it could be a while before anyone came to look, but as I pointed out - Sod's Law states that if he put it off we would get viewings almost straight away and that's exactly what's happened. Anyway, we've done as much as we can so now they either like it or they don't. It's a weird feeling having people come to your home and look it over with a critical eye. I hope after all this effort these are people who are genuinely interested and not just nosey so-and-sos. I used to know someone who went to look round houses for sale just because she was nosey and with no intention of buying. I thought it was a bit of a lousy thing to do but now I know just how much effort goes into getting the house into 'viewable' condition I think it stinks!

I did actually manage to get some stitching done on Saturday night! I've made quite good progress on my ATC -

Image hosted by

I'm hoping those hoop marks come out - I don't much like using a hoop but the fabric is too small for my Qsnaps.

I've been taking stock of what I've managed to finish this year, and I'm quite surprised at how many there are -
Mirabilia Royal Holiday (started about Sept last year)
JD Bug Collector
Passione Ricamo Spring Fairy Spirit (also started mid last year)
Mirabilia Gathering Eggs
Mirabilia Garden Muses
WMN Acorn Sewing Case
WMN Swan Needlebook
HNG Double Running Etui
and a couple of other things I can't tell you about yet.
And there was me thinking I hadn't managed to finish much *big cheesy grin*

I'm struggling with my SOS pledge...I've seen a WIP of someone's Dimensions Gold 'Wreath of All Seasons' and I'm sorely tempted. There's an Ebay shop with a really good deal on it (I know, I shouldn't even look) and although it's not my usual kind of thing at all I really, really love it. I'm thinking my Mum would really love it too and I would really like to stitch it for her but unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps depending on your point of view, LOL) funds don't allow right now. Perhaps it's just as well...:-/


Faith Ann said...

Good luck with the viewing!!

ATC is looking fantastic... you really have completed a lot this year. I was just taking stock yesterday of what I've finished this year...September must be a time for reflection :)

I saw that WIP too, Wreath of All Seasons is gorgeous.

Kathy said...

Wow that looks fabtastic hun, looking forward to more updates

Hugs xxxxxx