Friday, September 02, 2005

I've now been a Stash Only Stitcher for one whole week, but I have to confess it doesn't really feel like it yet because stuff is still arriving that I ordered before I decided to go SOS. This morning postie brought me these -
Image hosted by
Passione Ricamo 'Once Upon a Time'
Image hosted by
Mary Hickmott 'Celestial Spheres'

The second one actually has all the planets but the website pic only shows the first five. That one will be fun, on a loooong piece of black fabric ;op This thing is 49 inches long, and only 5 inches high!

I'm still awaiting a couple of other things too. Where I'm struggling is in avoiding ordering yet more stuff, even though it's only been a week, which shows you how bad I am. Stash buying is like a compulsive disorder, even after one week I'm fighting my itchy clicky finger. The problem is the BBs - when you see other people's gorgeous WIPs and HDs it draws your attention to designs you either didn't know existed or had overlooked until seeing them stitched up. Before I discovered the boards my stash was quite small - just a handful of charts. Now it contains a great many charts I would never have looked twice at just going by the chart pics, which as we all know rarely do justice to the finished design. And of course, internet shopping doesn't help. For most of my stitching life I had to physically make the trip to an LNS and much of the time I didn't live anywhere near a decent one. I still don't (the nearest decent LNS is 30 miles away) but nowadays it's just too easy to browse the ONSs, and even buying from abroad is a doddle :o/

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Scully said...

Congratulations on your SOS week Gill...I am sure you can keep it up! Maybe you could ask people to lend you a chart you are interested in, that way you still stick to your non purchasing rule ;)