Sunday, September 04, 2005

I've put Cottage Garden Fairy down for a while to concentrate on some of my more neglected WIPs. At the moment I'm working on TW Above the Clouds, which I'm stitching for DD but haven't actually touched since we got back from Australia in April. I started it en route and worked on it while I was there (though not on the flight home because I had food poisoning and spent half the flight with my head down the loo, but that's another story...) but ever since I got back I just haven't felt motivated to pick it up. Anyway, I've put a few more hours into it now and here's where I've got to - the fabric is Kiwi Sparkles Wisteria

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DS has been pestering me to make a start on Night Train, and to be fair to the boy I did buy the chart about a year ago to stitch it for him. I've promised to make it my next new start but I really want to finish something first. The most likely contenders for that are Rose of Sharon or ATC, although there's an outside chance I might push on with CGF and see that one off first.

Well, the kids go back to school on Monday. For some reason this school break seems to have flown by and it doesn't feel like six weeks at all. Neither of them particularly wants to go back to school, although DS will only be back for three days and he gets another day off for his Cardiology appointment. DH has booked this week off work so it'll be nice to spend some time with just the two of us :o))))Still work to do on the house though before we can put the darn thing on the market so we'll probably spend much of the week doing all those stupid little jobs. I'm feeling really frustrated now as it feels like I'm wading through treacle - I'd hoped to be back in Australia by Christmas but with one thing and another it just isn't going to happen, and now it looks like it will be early next year instead.

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Faith Ann said...

Above the Clouds looks beautiful so far... you have a lot done!

Your doll houses are quite impressive too btw.