Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've reluctantly decided to officially retire my HAED WIP - Mistress of the Winds. I keep trying to make myself work on it but I loathe the fabric it's on - it's a 25 count evenweave I bought from the useless stitch/wool/fabric shop in Banbury, and it's so stiff it makes my hand sore from rubbing against it. I've tried everything including bunging it in the washing machine in an attempt to soften it up but to no avail, so sadly it will have to go. I might restart it eventually. The moral of this story is - don't be so impatient to start something that I resort to buying from that shop. The silly thing is, SewandSo orders usually arrive within 24 hours so just a modicum of patience would have paid off.

The good news is I've bought a big piece of 25 count Lugana from SewandSo which arrived this morning, and is nice and soft. I'm going to start Book of Ladies on it today, but I have to wait until after the house viewing at midday because I need to cut it up and get out my sewing machine to zigzag the edges and I don't want to make a mess. I'm quite excited about starting this design although I expect it will be a while before I have anything recognisable to show you.

Night Train is finished...kind of. All those blues were so similar to the background fabric it was giving me a headache, so I left off a bit of the cloud and a little bit of the snow, but I still think it looks pretty good. Peter loves it so much I haven't been able to prise it from his hands to take a HD photo! He even took it to school this morning to show everyone.


Faith Ann said...

That is so sweet that your son took Night Train to school! That must make you feel pretty good :)

Good luck with the viewing!

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

Can't wait to see it once you're able to get it away from him. *G*

Yany said...

I had the same problem with Mother's Arms, which eventually became a UFO because a wrong fabric selection...Buy new stash is always a perfect solution!!

Congratulation for you HD, and ohhh, that's so sweet!!!! please show us a pic soon ;)
Hugs from Mexico