Thursday, October 06, 2005

OK, so I was wrong. I do have something recognisable to show you. I started stitching Book of Ladies (HAED) yesterday afternoon - I started top centre and since there was clearly a face on that page I made a beeline for it, and here's what I accomplished yesterday...

Image hosted by

There are 20 pages to this chart! I'm going to tackle it one page at a time so I'll be stitching apple tree for a while now, but at least I'll have this handsome chap to look at while I stitch :oD

Yesterday's house viewing went very well. The woman really, really loves our house and is bringing her husband round to see it tonight. Fingers crossed!

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Sam said...

Your new project looks fantastic Gill! I still can't believe the beautiful amount of detail in the HAED designs.

Fingers crossed for the second viewing - keep us updated!! :o)