Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yesterday was a bit of an up and down kind of day....

It started badly, when I overslept. I switched the alarm off and then dozed off again, and woke up with only half an hour to get the kids fed and dressed and off to school. To make things worse, I awoke to find I had a migraine brewing, which is probably why I overslept in the first place. I took a couple of Migraleve which damped it down, but I still felt really crappy all day.

To cheer myself up, I bought one of the new Selena Fenech charts from HAED - Angel of Compassion, which is absolutely gorgeous in beautiful shades of purple. As always I had it emailed so I got it the same day :oD I also like Angel of Love and Angel of Joy, so they've gone on my wishlist. Also...finally! Mira's Mermaids of the Deep Blue turned up - two months after I ordered it and long after every other shop in the UK had it the Country Cross Stitcher finally got theirs in! I was nearly on the point of cancelling my order and getting my money back. Well, I've learned my lesson - next time I'll order from Sew and So.

Pete was in a grumpy mood all day. He's still quite jetlagged, and of course there are lots of forms relating to the house sale that needed his attention and he just didn't feel like doing them so he kept putting it off, and when I stressed how they've already been waiting nearly a week he finally sat down with them about 11pm last night and went through them with the worst possible grace. He kept biting everyone's heads off all day and I just wasn't in the mood. I nearly told him to sod off back to China. Anyway, he's got up in a better mood today thank goodness.

And just to round the day off, the bulb in my stitching light blew. I do keep a replacement and I *know* I have one, but I turned the house over looking for it and couldn't find it. Pete did offer to pop round to the DIY shop for a replacement (the only place in town that sells them) but we forgot all the shops close half-day Wednesdays. Most places in the UK have abandoned the half-day closing thing nowadays, but not here unfortunately :o((( What with already feeling icky I wasn't going to strain my eyes trying to stitch without my light, so I got zero stitching done yesterday.


Yany said...

<< Hugs >>

Scully said...

Aww I hope you feel better soon Gill. I hate oversleeping, I always feel as if I've missed something!