Saturday, November 05, 2005

I had a wonderful surprise this morning...I've been RAKed!!! I switched on my laptop, checked my emails, and some lovely, kind, anonymous person has bought me the chart for Selena Fenech's 'Angel of Love' from HAED and had it emailed to me. I'm completely overwhelmed by the kindness of some people. I was feeling kind of disappointed at not being able to order anything in the HAED Christmas sale because we have *no* spare money at the moment, but some lovely soul decided to send me a beautiful gift which has brightened my weekend considerably ::grin:: Whoever you are....Thank You!!!

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Lnanaa said...

Wow that's very nice of someone to do that for you. I didn't realized that HAED had a sale and I missed it. Oh well. I love the new designs they put up. I'll try to keep looking for another sale and hoping buy one myself.