Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Introducing 'The Ferret'...

I made this last night, modelled by Louise...

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It only took a few hours to make. I seem to go in fits and starts with knitting, sometimes I'll really get into it and knit loads of stuff, and then I'll go months and months without picking up a pair of knitting needles.

On the house front...things started going a bit runny yesterday afternoon. Apparently a building regulations certificate was missing, and it would take at least another couple of weeks to get a replacement which obviously would preclude completing the sale on the 30th, and since Pete's away after that it would mean moving the week before Christmas or just after. I don't really want to move just before Christmas! We'd also risk losing the house we went to look at the other day because they won't hold it for us indefinitely. Anyway, our solicitor has found a way round it apparently and has suggested it to theirs and we're waiting to see what they say. I don't really understand all the legalese, but hopefully things will till go according to plan. Fingers crossed!

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Faith Ann said...

A scarf only takes an evening?! Now I really have to get out my new knitting needles and have a go. I expect it will probably take me at least a week to knit my first scarf.

It looks great, btw!

Good luck getting the house things all straightened out. You have so many extra difficulties since you're moving so far away! (When we moved last spring, it was only a distance of 2km LOL).