Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Moving, moving, moving....

I hate moving. I really, really hate it. It's been a few years since I last moved house and I'd kind of forgotten what a pain it really is.

After being messed around repeatedly we finally exchanged contracts yesterday evening so we signed a lease on the house we'll be living in until we go to Oz, and we started moving stuff over today. The house is significantly smaller than the one we're leaving though so we have some tough decisions about what to chuck out and what to keep. The first thing through the door though was a box of my framed cross stitch so at least I've got my priorities straight! LOL


Faith Ann said...

Moving is definitely not fun...especially a move to a temporary location where you know you'll just be going through this all again...ughhhh.

Good luck getting settled!!

Kathy said...

I know the feeling hun, We moved a couple of years ago, very stressful indeed.

Glad to hear the cross stitch come through the door first lol.

Hugs xxxxx