Monday, November 07, 2005

Pete and I could both do with losing a bit of weight, so for a couple of weeks I've been trying to cook low fat meals using a couple of Rosemary Conley cookbooks I have had for ages but never used. I've have a bit of a problem because so many low fat recipes use things like bell peppers (capsicums), chilli etc in an attempt to add some flavour...but which Pete detests with a vengeance and won't eat anything that has had them in, even after picking out the peppers he claims he can still taste them. I've found my shopping bill has increased enormously too, because eveything has to be made from scratch so I have to buy all the separate ingredients. Anyway, I'm going to have to find a different way of doing things though, because it's costing me a lot of money and a lot of effort to produce food that tastes of nothing. The final straw was on Saturday when I spent a couple of hours preparing a shepherd's pie, only to have the whole family empty about half a bottle of ketchup into it in an attempt to make it taste of something. I'm a reasonable cook usually so it's not just me.

Yesterday we gave up and went out for lunch.

I'm filling in confetti on my third page of Book of Ladies. I might finish this page today, but if it takes longer than I think it will be tomorrow, so watch this space. I'm going to put it down for a bit then and start HAED Angel of Love. As my anonymous friend was so very generous as to give it to me the very least I can do is start it! I'm looking forward to it. I have a lovely SW Solo opal I think might look very pretty with it....

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