Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stitching plans for 2006.....

2006 looks like being a busy year for me. As you probably know, a move to Australia is planned for the early part of the year. Pete has just announced he likes the idea of building our own house because he knows someone that's doing it in Western Oz and it's fired his imagination....if that happens it will be a bit of a time sink but I'm hoping to still get some stitching time. Anyways, if I do manage to, here's what I'm hoping to achieve....

Finish all my existing WIPs, particularly Alhambra Garden as it's been well over a year since I started it and I'm somewhat over half done. Also Egyptian Garden and Misty Morning Vineyard...those Chatelaines are just too bloomin expensive to UFO! ;o)
I'm hoping to finish Mirabilia Cottage Garden Fairy this year if I can drag myself away from my HAED. I also have Rose of Sharon but I've rather lost interest in it. I might try the 'one thread on RoS every day before I pick up something else' method to see it off.
There are a number of HAEDs I want to stitch, particularly St Nick in his Study, Merlin and Arthur, and Angel of Compassion. Unlikely to finish all of them inside a year though...have you seen the size of the first two? LOL

Incidentally, I reserve the right to completely ignore all of the above if the mood takes me! LOL

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