Sunday, January 01, 2006

As the old year sighs it's last, I've decided to lay out my stitching plans for the year ahead. Although I've had a lot of finishes in 2005, I'm ending the old year with considerably more WIPs than I started it with. Therefore my primary goal is to try to finish off some of those WIPs. If I aim to finish 2 WIPs for every new start I should end 2006 with half as many. So...

Finish Rose of Sharon - shouldn't present a problem. I've only got a few more day's stitching left on this so it won't impinge too much into 2006

Finish Cottage Garden Fairy Quite a lot left to do on this.

Finish Alhambra Garden I'm probably about two thirds of the way through.

Finish Egyptian Garden quite a lot left on this too.

Make serious inroads into Misty Morning Vineyard Lots left of this, if I manage to finish it I'll consider it a bonus.

Make a dent in Book of Ladies this is a huge design so again I'm not aiming to actually finish it, although of course it would be nice if I did.

Start Enchanted Mermaid and Forest Goddess not a hard promise to keep! LOL

How achievable all this is remains to be seen. With the move to Australia and the probability of me returning to work, I might find my stitching time severely curtailed.

All that remains is to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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It sounds like a good plan tho Gill. I am sure you'll make great progress with all your pieces. :)