Thursday, December 22, 2005

As our move to the other side of the world beckons, I'm going to have to decide what to do with my stitching. Obviously there will be serious restrictions as to what we can actually take with us on the plane and the rest will have to be shipped over on a container ship which means it will probably be between 2 - 3 months without it. Pete keeps joking that I'll try to take all my stash on as hand luggage and although the thought has a certain appeal Image hosted by I don't suppose the airline exists that would let me do it. So...what to take with me? Should I take one of my existing WIPs and force myself to finish it, or should I take something new? Hmmm...this will need some thought.

I'm pushing on with Mirabilia's Rose of Sharon again at the moment. I'm finding this one hard going though. I made the mistake of stitching the lady first and now I'm stuck stitching endless arch and foliage. Image hosted by I would take a picture but the camera is still packed away somewhere and I'm not sure where. I would like to think I could finish it before New Year but it depends how much time I get to actually stitch - the kids are off school now Image hosted by and we've got to go visit my MIL in Wales and my sis as well as Christmas itself so that will curtail how much I will be able to work on it. Anyway, we'll see.


Terri said...

When we moved from Japan to California I was faced with the same tough stitching decisions. I ended up packing 2 WIPs (which were large) and a few small new things. Then I packed an empty copy paper box with as much that would fit and mailed it ahead. It took our stuff 3 months to arrive from Japan. Perhaps you can mail a box ahead?

Good luck with your move. It's not fun moving from one country to another :)


Kathy said...

Ooo take some WIP's with you hun. That's what I would do.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Hugs xxxxxx

Scully said...

I think Terri has a good idea. Could you maybe mail a box of stitching stuff to your mum's? I think you said that they won't be living far from where you will be going to live. If you posted it in January it might get there before you move! I would definately take your HAEDs with you on the plane, not only because they are good WIPs to be getting on with, but at least you will know where they are! I could not imagine losing something like those! Maybe take some smaller stuff with you too as a break :)