Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, with the sale of our house out of the way, things are starting to hot up here...we've decided Pete will put his notice in at work at the beginning of January, and we're all set to book tickets, freight etc which we'll be doing in the next few days. We're aiming at the middle of March which I think is realistic as it gives us time to wind everything down, but isn't too long to wait ;o) I have to look into how you take pets abroad too. Ooooh, I'm beginning to feel quite excited about it all! When I told Louise we're going to book our tickets, she said 'What - already?' Image hosted by We've only been planning this for years!!

Off to do some last bits of Christmas shopping today which I fully expect to be a nightmare. We're going to go in early (ie - now) and have breakfast in town. Going in any later will mean queueing for hours just to park!

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Kathy said...

Hope the shopping trip wasn't too bad for you hun, good luck with your move back home hun

Hugs xxxxxxx