Monday, January 09, 2006

Time for an update...

I've got a little more done on Alhambra, but not as much as I would have liked -

Image hosted by

I also stitched this little freebie from the cover of this month's Cross Stitcher -

Image hosted by

very unlike me to bother with cover kits - they usually go straight in the bin, but I've always had a soft spot for Eeyore. Goodness knows what I'll do with it though.

Other news - Pete's just gone off to Jerez in Spain for winter testing of the car. Most people think that during the winter months when there are no F1 races that the teams are idle but it's actually the busiest time of the whole year. He's away all week and then flies home very late Friday morning, and then flying back to Jerez again next Monday. At least I know he won't be doing this much longer! After this there's one more test in Bahrain sometime in Feb, and that's it! Yaaay!


Faith Ann said...

The new blog template looks great! I've been wanting to change mine for a long time and never seem to take the time.

I think Eeyore is adorable... and Alhambra Garden is beautiful (of course!). You've really been motoring along on your stitching lately!!

Scully said...

Gill, I think you've made great progress on AG. The Eyeore kit is really sweet :)

Gosia said...

Congrats on the progress on AG, I love this design. And you're right about Eeyore, he's so cute.