Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We had a (mostly) pleasant day yesterday. Pete had a day off so we went into town to do some business (you wouldn't believe a bank could make it so hard to move your own money from one account into another!) and then we went and had lunch. The food was a little disappointing - I've had better from that place, but still, it's nice to have some quality time together. Later, I had an email from EuropeanXS to say that Chatelaine's Taj Mahal has finally been released...well, I was sitting here gently dissolving my keyboard with drool, when Pete asked what I was looking at. When I showed him he said 'well, buy it it now or forever hold your peace' so of course I didn't need telling again LOL! The kits aren't despatched until mid Feb though, so to be on the safe side I'm having it sent to Mum's. It means I won't get my sticky mitts on it until late March, but on the plus side it saves me having to take any stitching with me because I'll have that gorgeous kit waiting for me on my arrival. (No Scully, Mum doesn't stitch...I'm not that daft! LOL)

The 'mostly' at the start of this entry is because I ended up having to frog most of what I stitched yesterday. I was working on the navy blue (939) around the final Alhambra medallion, and I'd nearly finished with that colour when I realised I was off by one row and had to frog almost all of it. I should catch up today and hopefully in a day or two I can start beading. I might have it finished by the end of the month after all!


Sam said...

I'm glad you're getting to spend some quality time with Pete and I'm sorry to hear you had a plague of frogs come to visit. Hope you have now sprayed the whole house with 'Frog Be-Gone' so they don't come back ;o)

Amy said...

I saw that email too, and am trying to restrain myself. What a dear DH you have! Can't wait to see Alhambra finished, and your start on Taj!