Monday, January 23, 2006

Why renting sucks...

I'm seething this morning. Regular readers will know that we're currently living in temporary rented accommodation until we go to Australia. Well, this morning I answered a knock at the door, to a guy who said the letting agent had sent him to inspect the gas boiler. I asked to see his ID and he had to go back to his van to get it which I thought was a bit poor - like I'm going to let a stranger into my house without seeing identification! Anyway, I made the comment that it was a good thing I was in, because I hadn't been expecting him....and he replied 'it wouldn't have mattered because they gave me a key...' In other words, if I had been out this total stranger would have let himself into my home and would be at liberty to do anything he liked!!! He claimed a letter had been sent about it, but it was before we took the house over so we never received it. I am appalled that the agents thought this was acceptable! If you own your own place, no-one gets to come in without you letting them in, but if you rent it's thought OK for strangers to let themselves in when you're out? You hear terrible stories about what unscrupulous people do when they're unsupervised in someone else's home.


Heather said...

I used to rent when I first left home and they showed up while I was away and never told me. I returned home after midnight, after a 13 hour day flying, to find they'd taken the washing machine away as it had broken down. I was livid and called the agents first thing in the morning to complain. They gave me a month rent free and always wrote to make an appointment after that.

Amy said...

I agree, Gill. This was my main complaint about living in an apartment complex. They could just come in uninvited. When I was home by myself, I always used the deadbolt and chain. At least it's temporary!

Faith Ann said...

When I was renting, the landlord gave a painter access to a utility closet that had keys for all the units in the building (even though he was painting the hallways and had no reason to enter a unit). My roomate and I went out for an afternoon. The next morning, I went to put on a pair of earrings and my jewellry box was empty. My video camera and 35mm camera were also missing.

The cameras could be replaced. However, there were a couple of rings that I placed a lot of sentimental value on (they weren't worth much money) and they could never be replaced.

I don't think it's acceptable to allow people access to other people's belongings like that.

Heather said...

I can't believe they could do that without notifying the current tenant. I know here in the US, and at home in Canada, the owner cannot just give a workman the keys without notification to the inhabitants. In my current complex, you have to specifically give permission for even the on-site maintenance man to enter to do repairs. I would call up those agents and give them a big piece of my mind!
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