Saturday, February 04, 2006

Of course, now that Guilt Free January is over and we're into Finish It February, I get the urge to start something new. I spent all of January trying to finish things! Typical - LOL. I'm thinking of starting Mirabilia's Forest Goddess, and I've ordered this in the hope that it will work for it -

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I'll have to toss the floss when it arrives. I'll let you know how it goes. It looks good on the fabric viewer but you nver can tell till you see it for real. Oh, I nearly forgot, it's Fallen Leaves from Polstitches. Another alternative is this -

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which is Silkweaver 'Wandering Ivy', I have two pieces of this - one has more cream than the other, and I think it could work.

I've just had an email from Sew and So to say that my order of this has been despatched -

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It's just Nan 'Winter In The Square' and I really like the charm that goes with it. The other three seasons are set to follow, so I might just have to have them too! Someone mentioned it looks a bit Chatelainey and I think she's right - that's probably why it caught my eye!

And finally, here's the latest pic of Richard -

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Faith Ann said...

Richard is so adorable!

I love that Just Nan pattern and charm... you're getting lots of goodies... enjoy 'em!!

Scully said...

Aww Richard is a cutie! The JN piece is lovely. I can't decide on my Forest Goddess fabric yet either. And Stargazer arrives this week too so that will be another I have to chose. Oh and of course none of the 50 odd FQs I have will go..go figure!